About Mirage Auto Sales


The United States of America is the “Land of Opportunity.” Mirage Auto Sales is a good example that years of hard work and honesty can turn an American opportunity into a successful business. Mirage Auto Sales is a family owned business and was established in May of 1995.  From day one, our business model has been based on American quality, honesty, good customer service, customer satisfaction, and hard work. At Mirage Auto Sales believe the best form of advertisement is the word of mouth and we do all we can to ensure that our customers have the best car buying experience possible.

Our Logo

  1. The map of the United States is a reminder of the American Quality, Service and Standards we provide to our customers. 
  2. The text “Since 1995” shows our longstanding history of success in the automotive industry. 
  3. The image of a road represents the drive from our dealership located at 2100 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA to your driveway in your brand new pre-owned car! 
  4. The car represents the quality product we bring to you.
  5. Finally, the circle brings all of the above, American quality, experience, and good quality vehicles,  together to bring you Mirage Auto Sales.

 The five items in our logo symbolize, the five star service we proudly provide for you.