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Any woman with an big ass

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Photo: Getty. Welcome, readers, to Butt Week.

I have a inch waist and inch hips. When you have a big butt, people throw that word at you a lot. The more I squat, the more it grows.

Big butts aren't just impressive -- they're full of important scientific DNA. Meghan Trainor's “All About That Bass” curvy-girl “bringing the booty. Because I myself am a heterosexual female, but even I can't look away from a nice, big butt —I just can't help but look in its direction. Tumblr. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love.

And that was before butts were cool. Thunderbutt was my nickname.

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Jeggings got me through college. They can play with it for days. I had a boyfriend who used to lick it.

A friend who was dating the actor Jamie Foxx asked me to wear a long baggy sweater once when we went out with. I agreed to hide the fanny, but he seemed to be able to just sense it was.

Sexualization of the buttocks, especially of the female gender, has occurred throughout history. The female buttocks have been a symbol of fertility and beauty since early Thus we find, among most of the peoples of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the chief continents of the world, that the large hips and buttocks of women are. It's ballsy to cop a feel of a girl's chest—a guy might get away with an extra-tight hug—but for some reason, people think the ass is up for grabs. Big butts aren't just impressive -- they're full of important scientific DNA. Meghan Trainor's “All About That Bass” curvy-girl “bringing the booty.

All men inevitably beg for anal sex. One pain in the rear I always endure is the inevitable spanking.

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It hurts! It still has nerve endings, people. I buy my dresses and pants multiple sizes bigger to be able to fit Any woman with an big ass rear, then get the rest taken in by a tailor.

But, no matter how I dress, I somehow always end Horny momy Aberdeen South Dakota cal looking like a Kardashian. The only thing I can wear off the rack is black and clothes with stretch.

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Spanx are my pals, but even they seem to get lost in the crevices. And then there are the logistical nightmares sex in kristianstad women come with having an ample.

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Everyone can see it, trust me. When I hear about women who are considering rear augmentation, it lifts me up.

There are people who want. This essay was written anonymously by a New York City-based writer.

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